Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lovin' my leeks

Over the last few days we talked a lot about leeks.  We discussed different ways to prepare them and how to use them in weight loss diets but we did not review their nutritional benefits.  To begin with, leeks come from the Alliaceae family, the same family garlic and onions comes from.  They resemble huge green onions, but do not let their appearance scare you.  Leeks are very mild in taste and their aroma lightly tickles the nose. 
Leeks are excellent for weight loss, 125 grams equals about one stalk and provides 65 kcals.  When looking at their macronutrient (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) they break down to about 88% carbohydrate, 4% fat and 7% protein.  In addition to being low on calories, leeks are a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin K, and manganese.  They also provide a substantial amount of vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate, and iron.  All of which support radiant skin, and healthy blood. The benefit does not stop there, leeks serve as almost a complete protein source missing only one of the amino acids. Fiber yet another essential part of the human diet can also be found in leeks, 1 stack provides 2 grams of dietary fiber.  With all these benefits every will want this tasty vegetable.

In previous posts we discussed leek soup and steamed leeks with lemon and olive oil, but those are not the only ways to prepare leeks.  They give a mild kick to an otherwise boring quiche.  If you have evening plans, add leeks to your salad for a nice taste without the onion breath afterwards.  Cook them up with eggs or saulte them in a stir-fry.  Versatile, delicious and healthy; you cannot go wrong with leeks.


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