Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly Weigh-in: 3

This week did not go as planned.  I did not lose weight; I actually gained ½ a pound.  On a happier note, according to my scale, my muscle mass has increased.  The reason for that is my increased exercise this week.  Remember my resolutions are to lose 20 pounds and run 5k in 30 minutes by April.  My increased training is showing results, I am running longer but I have to stay focused on my weight loss goals and eat more fruits and vegetables.

This week refers to the setbacks we discussed in earlier entries.  It does not mean I will give up.  I will learn from what I did wrong.  My mistake this time was not eating enough fruits and vegetables.  I became loose with the rule I set myself of only eating grains with breakfast and I paid the price.  Now I must get back to my previous plan, only fruits, vegetables and lean proteins after breakfast; in addition to my fitness goals.

I must make up for the lost time, so hopefully I will be able to lose the half pound I gained and lose the pound for this week.  We must always look at the bright side; I have lost 10 pounds so far.  I will lose another pound next week.

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